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What is an internal communication channel? How can make decisions about channels for your company and plan them effectively? If you want to speak knowledgeably about channels, this is the Masterclass for you. There are 28 lessons in this course and it's packed with workbooks, videos, surveys and quizzes. I've translated my years of experience into this Masterclass and will be with you every step of the way. As it's a VIP Masterclass, you'll submit an assignment to me for personalised feedback.

By the end of your Masterclass you'll have...

  • Boosted your knowledge

    You'll learn with an experienced internal communication professional.

  • Improved your skills

    Bespoke workbooks and videos will help you track your development and improve your skills.

  • New ideas

    This Masterclass will spark fresh ideas to help you make informed decisions.

Your investment

  • The price is stated on each Masterclass and is inclusive of tax.

  • Payments are processed securely via Stripe.

  • If you prefer to pay via invoice, please send an email to: contact@allthingsic.com.

  • Your investment is for one person only and you'll have 12 months to complete the Masterclass.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    New Chapter

    • A message from Rachel

    • Welcome to your Masterclass

    • How to get the most out of your Masterclass

    • How to use this course

    • Download your All Things IC workbook

    • Survey: Before we begin

  • 2

    Chapter One

    • Welcome to Chapter One

    • Where to start with channels

    • The importance of context

    • Survey: Your thoughts on internal communication

    • How context and culture shape internal communication

    • Thinking about the context and culture of your workplace

    • Bright ideas and things to remember

  • 3

    Chapter Two

    • Welcome to Chapter Two

    • Video: What are communication channels?

    • Channel hierarchy

    • One-way and two-way channels

    • Examples of channels

    • Why do you need to tailor channels?

  • 4

    Chapter Three

    • Welcome to Chapter Three

    • The channels matrix

    • Create your own channels matrix

    • Quick Quiz

    • Your VIP assignment

  • 5

    Chapter Four

    • Video: Congratulations

    • Survey: What will you do now?

    • Survey: Before you go...

    • Your Introductory Masterclass Badge

Rachel is a Chartered PR Practitioner and a Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and Institute of Internal Communication.

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Your instructor

Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller is the Director of All Things IC and advises professional communicators via personalised training, consultancy and mentoring. She is a Chartered PR professional and Fellow of both the Institute of Internal Communication and Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Rachel is a regular keynote speaker, whose thoughts have been featured in a number of best-selling PR books. Her clients include ARM, BBC, LEGO, NHS, HSE and the Zoological Society of London. She will guide you every step of the way through these Online Masterclasses.


  • How long can I access the course for?

    Masterclasses are available for 12 months from the date of purchase and are for one person only. You can log in and out of the course as many times as you need. It will remember your progress.

  • I don't have any internal communication experience, can I do the Masterclass?

    Yes, this course has been designed as an introduction to internal communication channels. It's ideal if you've never worked as an IC professional, have just started out or want to refresh your skills.

  • Do you have any other topics available?

    New topics will be frequently added to this site. Keep an eye on the main homepage or choose All Courses at the top of this page to explore the options. If you have a particular query, why not book a Power Hour to have a one hour call with Rachel.

  • What do the levels mean?

    Introductory: learn the essentials through this short Masterclass. (Approximately 20 lessons). Intermediate: get a good understanding of the topic. (Approximately 50 lessons). In-depth: this comprehensive Masterclass will teach you all you need to know. (Approximately 80 lessons). There is only one level available per Masterclass topic.

  • Who can access the Masterclass?

    Please note these Masterclasses are designed for individual learning and are not to be used by teams or groups. Your investment is for one person only as it hasn't been priced to be shared, recreated, or sold on. Please note all of Rachel's work is protected by Copyright. This means you can’t reproduce or share any part of this Online Masterclass. If you have multiple team members, please contact us (contact@allthingsic.com) to discuss your options.

  • What do I need?

    There are lots of workbooks, so we recommend having a printer to hand, but you could also write on the PDFs if you viewed the course on an iPad.

  • How much do Masterclasses cost?

    Your investment is stated on each course and the price includes tax. Payments are handled securely via Stripe.

  • What does VIP mean?

    The VIP option means you submit an assignment to Rachel for personalised feedback. You'll submit one assignment in an Introductory Masterclass. You'll submit two assignments in Intermediate or In-depth level Masterclasses.